Selling off some records to get more room here at the HQ. If you find something you like, just mail me at judascradlerecs@gmail.com and let me know what you are interested in and I’ll get back to you with a total and all the details. Swedish people can choose to pay via bank transfer or PayPal, but for everyone outside of Sweden there’s just the PayPal option. I’ll often throw in some swag stuff with every order, just to add that little extra love.

NOTICE: Since I sometimes will not have had time to update this page some records might already be sold. You won’t pay for anything until I have checked if all of your order is available, so no worries about that.

Until a payment is actually done you will be able to see all the records, but the ones that are sold will have a line running right through them like this:
The Sold Records – Cheap Bastards CD

    • CD/CDEP/CD

A Perfect Circle – Judith CD-EP [20kr/€3/$3]
A Life. A Song. A Cigarette. – Fresh Kills Landfill CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Advance Patrol – Aposteln CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Afghan Whigs – Congregation CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Affordable Hybrid – No Area, No Criminals CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Alfatec – Alfatec CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
An Ocean Between Us – The Failings CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
A.N.S. – Pressure Cracks CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Anchors And Roses – Distance CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Atlantic/Pacific – Meet Your New Love CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Aoria – The Constant CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Artificial Conspiracy – Dead Eyes CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Astream – Marvellous Tomorrow CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Audioslave – Be Yourself CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Audioslave – Revelations CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Audioslave – Out of Exile CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Audioslave – Like A Stone CDS (promo) [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Audioslave – Like A Stone CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Audioslave – Cochise CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Audioslave – Doesn’t Remind Me CDS (promo)
Audioslave – Show Me How To Live CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Audioslave – Original Fire CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Babylon Zoo – The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes CD [5kr/€1/$1]
Babysitters With Machine Guns – The Nicest Way… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Backyard Babies – Knockouts! CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Bad Religion – Raise Your Voice CDS [30kr/€4/$5]
Bastard Peels – Keine Bilder CD  [30kr/€4/$5]
Be Your Own Pet – Be Your Own Pet CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Beast – Dead or Alive CD [70kr/€8/$10]
Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Beastie Boys – Check Your Head CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Beastie Boys – Ill Communication CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Beautiful South – Blue Is The Colour CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Beautiful South – Quench CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Beck – Loser CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Behind Enemy Lines – Know Your Enemy CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Benevolent – Evolve CD-EP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Bernays Propaganda – Happiness Machines CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Bigger Better Bombs – If This Doesn’t Scare… [20kr/€3/$3]
Bitter End – Climate Of Fear CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Björk – Play Dead CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Black Heart Procession – Hearts And Tanks CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Black Lips – Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Black Mamba Rock Explotion – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Blur – Leisure CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Blur – Bustin’ + Dronin’ 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Bombus – Bombus CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Bombus – The Poet and the Parrot CD [70kr/€8/$10]
Max & Laura Braun – Telltale CD  [20kr/€3/$3]
Break Me – Death Is Servant… Life Is Not CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Breather Resist – Charmer CD [50kr/€6/$8]
BS 2000 – Simply Mortified CD (Beastie Boys) [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Bullet – Highway Pirates CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Buffalo Grillz – Manzo Criminale CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Bush – Greedy Fly CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Bush – Greedy Fly CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Lars Bygdén – Songs I Wrote 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
CxOxSx – Soundtrack Of Funny Years CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Canyon Observer – The Current of Her Ocean… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Cause For Alarm – Birth After Birth CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Carpe Wade – Full Circle CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Carpe Wade – Odd Man Out CD [20kr/€3/$3]’
Carpe Wade – Porch Light CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Change – S/T CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Chuck Ragan – Los Feliz CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Cinder – Two Years Of Ripoffs And Circle Pits CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Civilians – The Final Hour CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Citizen Scream – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Gilby Clarke – The Hangover CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Coldplay – Parachutes CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Coloss – Play Fast CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Consolidated – The Myth Of Rock CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Chris Cornell – You Know My Name CDS (Soundgarden) [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Cop Shoot Cop – Ask Questions Later CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Cop Shoot Cop – Any Day Now CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Counting Crows – August And Everything After CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Counting Crows – Recovering The Satellites CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Counting Crows – Across A Wire: Live In New York 2CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Counting Crows – This Desert Life CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Crompojkarna – 1985-1992 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Crucial Times – The Age of Denial CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Crucial Unit – These Colors Get The Runs CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Cyco Miko – Lost My Brain! (Suicidal Tendencies) CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Damnation A.d. – No More Dreams Of… CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Das Oath – Das Oath CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
December Pearls – People Have Demons CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Dead – Bombs Fall CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Dead Tracks – You Should Have… CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Dean Allen Foyd – The Sounds Can Be So Cruel CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Death Angel – S/T DVD [30kr/€4/$5]
Death By Armborst – S/T CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Deftones – Adrenaline CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Den Stora Vilan – Förvandling CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Deportees – Arrest Me Til It Hurts CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Desinence Mortification / Giht Shasie – Split CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Die Krupps – A Tribute To Metallica CDEP [5kr/€1/$1]
Digger and the Pussycats – Watch Yr Back CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Disphere – Shinra Tensei CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Disconvenience – Umeå Punk City CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Discarga – Happy Night Electric Experience CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Dirty Tactics – It Is What It Is CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Divine Spark – Anima Mundi CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Dogs For Breakfast – The Sun Left These… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Drones – Mutiny CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Bob Dylan – Live 1961-2000 CD [30kr/€4/$5]
The Dynamite – Greedy Hands CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Earthbound – S/T CD [5kr/€1/$1]
The Earthbound – La Guerra Final CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Endstand – To Whom It May Concern… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Envy – A Dead Sinking Story CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Eskatologia – Promo CDEP [5kr/€1/$1]
Eskatologia – Stormens Öga CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Equal Minds Theory – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Facer – King Of Expectation CD [5kr/€1/$1]
Fallen Trees – Dystofuzz CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Rebecca Ferguson – Heaven CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Fights and Fires – We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Fort King – Naked Shadows CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Frank Turner – Love, Ire & Song CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Fredag Den 13:e – Tjugohundratretton CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Frontier(s) – There Will Be No Miracles Here CD [20kr/€3/$3]
FxPxOx – Znam Deka Ja Gubam Bitkata CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Garaeeda – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Germ Bomb – Sound of Horns CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Gewapend Beton – Empty Batteries CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ghamorean – Terra Ruina CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ghost – Infestissumam Redux 2CD [200kr/€21/$29]
Ghost Street – Ihre Agenda CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Glasvegas – Glasvegas (Ltd. Edt. CD/DVD) [20kr/€3/$3]
The Gloria Story – Born to Lose CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Glue Girls – We’re Here To Pick… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Grrizli Madams – SNTNT CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Good Clean Fun – On the Streets… CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Guns N’ Wankers – For Dancing And Listening CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Gutrench – Ironside Anthems CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Gutter Demons – Misery, Madness, Murder… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Gutter Twins – Saturnalia CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Haboryn – At the Edge of Extinction CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Hanna Hirsch – Tala Svart CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ben Harper – Faded CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Hater – S/T (Soundgarden members project) CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Headons – ThrrePointFive CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Hellacopters – High Visibility CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Hellacopters – The Same Lame Story CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Hearts Alive – He Who Has the Gold… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Helmut – XIIXXI CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Håkan Hellström – Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Håkan Hellström – Kom Igen Lena! CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Héroes Del Silencio – Héroes Del Silencio CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Héroes Del Silencio – El Espiritu Del Vino CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Hi-standard – Love Is A Battlefield CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Jakob Hellman – Och Stora Havet CD [20kr/€3/$3]
High Heeled Honeys – High Heeled Honeys CD+EP [20kr/€3/$3]
High Hopes – Hang In There, Kid CDEP  [20kr/€3/$3]
Highroad NO. 28 – Stumbling to Divinty CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Hole – Live Through This CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Hole – Violet CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Hoch/Tief – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Hunters & Collectors – We The People… CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
I Hate Our Freedom – This Years Best Disaster CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Iggy & the Stooges – Raw Power CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
I Object! – Teaching Revenge CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
I Shot Cyrus – Complete Discography 1997-2001 CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Imperial State Electric – In Concert! CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Incarnation – Possessed By The Bizarre CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Infanticide – From Our Cold, Dead Hands CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Inside Project – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Intensity – Wash off the Lies CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Intensity – Bought And Sold CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Instant Asshole – Straight Edge Failure CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Into Another – Poison Fingers To Be Free… CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
INXS – Elegantly Wasted CD [5kr/€1/$1]
Iron Lung – Sexless//No Sex CD [60kr/€7/$9]
ISIS – Panopticon CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Michael Jackson – History 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Java – Java CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Jealous Cowards – S/T CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Jesaiah – Et Tu, Hope CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Jeudah – While We Sleep CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Jonathan INC – Lost:Time CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Joshua – Choices CD [20kr/€3/$3]
June Platoon – Nature’s Finest Buffe CD [5kr/€1/$1]
Kaada – MECD CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Kallocain – Between Two States CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Kapten Pirat – Legend of Nigel Harris CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Karbomb – Nose Before Toes CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Kausal – In Dead Cities CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Kendolls – Jerking Class Era CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Kinghorse – Kinghorse CD [20kr/€3/$3]
King Crimson – The Beat Club, Bremen ’72 CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
King Bravado – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Christian Kjellvander – Songs From A 2-Room… 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Koko – KO CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Kokong – Science Loves Pudding CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Komah – Between Vice & Virtue CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Kretsen – Under Livet 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Lemonheads – Come On Feel CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lemonheads – Lovey CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lemonheads – Car Button Cloth CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lenny Kravitz – Mama Said CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Lenny Kravitz – Belive CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Lenny Kravitz – Circus CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Luke Leighfield – New Season CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
L7 – L7 CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lagwagon – Hoss CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lagwagon – Double Plaidinum CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lagwagon – Lets Talk About Feelings CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Last Days Of April – Will The Violins Be Playing? CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Last Hope – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Latin Kings – Välkommen Till Förorten CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Latin Kings – I Skuggan Av Betongen CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Latin Kings – Mitt Kvarter CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Liberator – Tell Me Tell Me CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Liberator – Everybody Wants It All CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Life Of Agony – River Runs Red CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Life of Agony – Unplugged CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Life of Agony – Soul Searching Sun CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Life of Agony – Ugly CD (limited tin can sleeve) [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Life in a Foxhole – Looks Like Lightning CD (limited 50) [20kr/€3/$3]
Link – Euro Tour CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Locust – Safety Second, Body Last CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Lord Fowl – Moon Queen CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Lowlifes – TV Addiction CD [20kr/€3/$3]
M:40 – S/T CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Mad Pigs – W.W.B.L.O. CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Make-Up – Sound Verite CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Make-Up – In Mass Mind CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Marc Rizzo – Colossal Myopia (Soulfly guitarist) CD [5kr/€1/$1]
Mariachi El Bronx – S/T CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Mass Panic Kid – S/T CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
MDC – Shades of Brown CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Duff McKagan – Believe In Me (Guns N’ Roses) CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Meleeh – To Live And Die Alone CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Mental Ålder Tretton Vårar – S/T CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Metallica  – St. Anger CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Mindtrap – Living Demons CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Minora – Imago CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Moe. – Meat CDEP [5kr/€1/$1]
Moneybrother – To Die Alone CD/DVD [20kr/€3/$3]
Moneybrother – Pengabrodern CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Moneybrother – Magic Moments CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Moneybrother – Blow Him Back Into My Arms CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Moneybrother – It’s Been Burting All… CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Moneybrother – Reconsider Me CDS (promo) [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Moneybrother – Reconsider CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Moneybrother – Stormy Weather CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Moneybrother – Thunder In My Heart CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Moneybrother – Blood Panic CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Moneybrother – They’re Building Walls… CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Monoscream – Redemption CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Alanis Morisette – Jagged Little Pill CD [5kr/€1/$1]
Alanis Morisette – You Oughta Know CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Dennis Most – I’m Not Dead Yet CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Mother Love Bone – S/T CD+EP [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Mother Love Bone – Stardog Champion CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Mouthpiece – What Was Said CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
The Movements – The World, The Flesh And The Devil CD [20kr/€3/$3]
MPO – Deny Life CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Mudhoney – March To Fuzz 2CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation CD [60kr/€7/$9]
Mr. Irish Bollocks – Never Mind the Bastards CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Negatives / Vitiators – Split CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Nickelback – Here and Now CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Nitad – Rastlös och Vild CD [60kr/€7/$9]
No Omega – Metropolis CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
No Redeeming Social Value – Hardcore Your Lousy… CD [30kr/€4/$5]
No Redeeming Social Value – THC CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Non Phixion – The Green CD/DVD [60kr/€7/$9]
Oasis – The Masterplan CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Don’t Believe the Truth CD/DVD [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Live Forever CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Whatever CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Shakermaker CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Supersonic CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Oasis – Stand By Me CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Oasis – All Around the World CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Oasis – The Importance of Being Idle CDS (promo) [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Oasis – Sunday Morning Call CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Oasis – The Hindu Times CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Oasis – Go Let It Out CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean? CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Offspring – All I Want CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Offspring – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Oldfashioned Ideas – Promises Mean Nothing CD [20kr/€3/$3]
One Day As A Lion – S/T CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Orange Man Theory – Giants, Demons & Flocks CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Osten af Mozzarella – The Number 28 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Outshine – Until We Are Dead CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Outshine – Addiction CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Oppugno – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Oxon – Radio Zero CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Pacto De Sangre – Sangre Joven CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Pastoratet – Ur Skitig Synvinkel CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Patronymicon – All Daggers Towards the Sky CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Pen Expers – Dirty Tender Love CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Pennywise – Same Old Story CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Pilot To Gunner – Guilty Guilty CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Pistol Mob – Close Enough CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Plague – Thumper CD [30kr/€4/$5]
The Plan – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Plector – Punishment Day CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Poison Idea – Pajama Party CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Poison Idea – War All the Time CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Postures – Postures CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Preacher and the Bear – Suburban Island CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Preacher and Bear – The Storm Has Come CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Presidents Of The USA – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Presidents Of The USA – Peaches CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
The Prestige – Black Mouths CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Primus – Suck On This CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Promethee – Nothing Happens… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Prodigy – Voodoo People CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Project Herpes – Bear CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Pyramido / Gun Mob – Split CD [60kr/€7/$9]
R.E.M. – Monster CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
R.E.M. – How The West Was Won And… CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
R.E.M. – UP CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
R.E.M. – Suspicion CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
R.E.M. – The Great Beyond CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Radare – Hyrule CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Radars – Anywhere But Here CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees CDS [30kr/€4/$5]
Radiohead – 2+2=5 CDS [30kr/€4/$5]
Radiohead – There There CDS [30kr/€4/$5]
R.A.M.B.O. – Bring It! CD/DVD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Joey Ramone – Christmas Spirit… In My House CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Ramones – Pleasant Dreams CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Ramones – Brain Drain CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Ramones – All The Stuff (And More) Vol. 1 CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Ramones – Adios Amigos CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Ratos De Porão – Just Another Crime In… CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Ratos De Porão – Onisciente Coletivo CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – One Hot Minute CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul to Squeeze CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Restless Knights – I Wish I Was A Terrorist CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Retisonic – Robots Fucking CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Revenge – S/T CD [50kr/€6/$8]
August Rex – Innan Tiden Flye CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
RF7 – Addictions & Heartache CD [30kr/€4/$5]
RF7 – Hatred on the Rise CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Alexander Ringbäck – Dömt Att Misslyckas CD+Bok [20kr/€3/$3]
Riistetyt – 2000-2005 CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Rise From the Agony – Shadows And Ghosts CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Adam Rubenstein – Excavator CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Ruts – Something That I Said: Best Of CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Sator – Musical Differences CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Sator – Droppin’ Out! CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Screaming Trees – Uncle Anesthesia CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Screaming Trees – Sweet Oblivion CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Screaming Trees – Dust CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Shell Corporation – Force Majeure CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Shredhead – State of the Art CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Shit the Cow – Volume/Cow CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Shootyz Groove – Jammin In Vicious Enviroments CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Shootyz Groove – High Definition CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Shudder To Think – Get Your Goat CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Shudder To Think – Hit Liqour CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Shudder To Think – 50.000 B.C. CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Sidechild – There Were Cracks CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ska ‘N’ Ska – Gunshot Fanfare CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Skeleton Key – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Skogen Brinner – S/T CD (unopened) [100kr/€12/$15]
Skull Defekts – Rotating Feedback… CD (limited 200)[40kr/€4,5/$6]
Skull Defekts – Blood Spirits and Drums… CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Skånska Mord – Paths to Charon CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Smashing Pumpkins – Pisces Iscariot CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Smashing Pumpkins – 1979 CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Snuff – Reach CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Snuff Movies After Dinner – Immagine Che Non Conosco CD [20kr/€3/$3]
State of Mind – Mental Gold CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Stark Raving Mad – Amerika CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Stomp That Pussy – Hate Is the Move CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Stone Temple Pilots – Thank You CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Strung Out – Another Day In Paradise CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Strung Out – An American Paradox CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Sohns – To Ward It Off… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Solitude – The Revival CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Solitude – The Revival CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Sonic Youth – 100% CDS [20kr/€3/$3]
Son of Sam – Songs From the Earth CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Souls – Bird Fish or Inbetween CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Soul Asylum – Let Your Dim Light Shine CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Soundtrack of Our Lives – Welcome To The Infant… CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
South City Locos – Punkrock’s Dead CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Southerly – Youth CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Spawn. – Adrift CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Spermbirds – Shit For Sale CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Spice Girls – Wannabe CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Spin Doctors – Two Princes CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Splitside – This Sinking Ship CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Standards – A Slight Distraction CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Subwaste – Broken Machine CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Sweet 75 – S/T (Nirvana bass players project) CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Söderberg – Exorcism CD [20kr/€3/$3]
The Teeth – Homewrecker CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Temple of the Dog – S/T CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Ten Foot Pole – Rev CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheenan – Nine Short Films CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Texas Terri And The Stiff Ones – Eat Shit! CD [20kr/€3/$3]
This Routine Is Hell – Howl CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Three Fish – S/T CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Tokyo Sex Destruction – Le Red Soul Comunnitte CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Totalt Jävla Mörker – Människans Ringa Värde CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Trachimbrod / Sore Eyelids – Split CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Trapdoor Fucking Exit – Crooked Life Straight World CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Travis – The Man Who CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Turmoil – From Bleeding Hands CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Turmoil – The Process Of… CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Tysta Mari – Musiken CD [20kr/€3/$3]
TV Eye – Nice People CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Erik Törnqvist & the Big Rivers – Rebella CD [20kr/€3/$3]
U2 – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Ugly Kid Joe – Cats in the Cradle CDS [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Ugly Kid Joe – As Ugly As We Wanna Be CDEP [20kr/€3/$3]
Ugly Kid Joe – Motel California CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ugly Kid Joe – Menace To Sobriety CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Ultima Victima – La Batalla Sera Eterna CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Un Rodo Cora – Beijing Bangalore CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Under the Abyss – A Wavering Path CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Undertow – Edge Of Quarrel CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Unified Theory – S/T CD (People from Blind Melon) [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Universal Poplab – I Could Say I’m Sorry CDEP [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Velvet Revolver – Contraband Media Kit CD/CDROM [20kr/€3/$3]
Vengeance Of Karma – Jävla Avfall CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Verbal Abuse / Shining / Scheisse Minelli – Split CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Vervain – Rigshospitalet CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Vidunder – S/T CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Vision Of Disorder – For the Bleeders CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Vision Of Disorder – From Bliss to Devastation CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Vitamin X – Pissed Off CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Vs. Antelope – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Vs. Rome – The End Is Important… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Vyn – Riksettan CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Våldsamt Motstånd – Våldsamt Motstånd CD [20kr/€3/$3]
We Are Idols – Powerless CD [30kr/€4/$5]
We Are Idols – S/T CD [30kr/€4/$5]
We Got This Far – Blunt Force Volume CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Weezer – S/T CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Weezer – El Scorcho CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Weezer – Pinkerton CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Weezer – Hash Pipe CDS [5kr/€1/$1]
Within Reach – Strength Through Diversity CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Within Reach – Something’s Not Right CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Within Reach – Fall From Grace CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Within Reach – Reconsider/Reconstruct CD [30kr/€4/$5]
Wo Fat – The Black Code CD  [20kr/€3/$3]
Yersinia – Efter Oss Syndafloden CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Yuppiecide – Dead Man Walking CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
X-Ecutioners – Revolutions CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Zippo – Maktub CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Kristofer Åström – Go, Went, Gone CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Kristofer Åström – So Much For Staying Alive CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Kristofer Åström – Dead End CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Kristofer Åström – Northern Blues CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Kristofer Åström – Leaving Songs CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Various Artists – Sounds Fishy 2 CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Singles Soundtrack CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – This Is the A.L.F. CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – The Punishment Is Here CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – Prisoners of War CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – A Tribute to Bad Religion Vol. 2 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Definitvit 50 Spänn Igen CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Definitvit 50 Spänn 3 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Definitvit 50 Spänn 7 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Go Ahead Punk… CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – The California Takeover CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – In Defense of Animals 2 CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – A Nightmare on Elm Street 1&2 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Heartattack 2CD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Various Artists – A Tribute to the Ramones CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Bored Generation CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Artister Mot Speciesism [50kr/€6/$8]
Various Artists – Cheap Shots 3 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Cheap Shots 4 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Cheap Shots 5 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Punk-O-Rama 6 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Rock N’Roll Is In My Soul 2CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Travelling With George 2CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – Swedish Independent Jazz Comp. CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – The Song RAMONES the Same CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – Tearing Down the System CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – Victory Records Promo 2002 CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Various Artists – Victory Style CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Victory Style 2 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Victory Style 3 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Victory Style 5 CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Victory: The Early Years CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Judgement Night Soundtrack CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – A New Era CD [50kr/€6/$8]
Various Artists – Give ‘Em the Boot CD [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Give ‘Em the Boot CD 2 [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Give ‘Em the Boot CD 3 [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Give ‘Em the Boot CD 4 [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Give ‘Em the Boot CD 5 [20kr/€3/$3]
Various Artists – Tokyo DIY Music 2005 CD [10kr/€1,5/$2]

      • LP / 7″

10,000 Maniacs – Blind Man’s Zoo LP [5kr/€1/$1]
Alphaville – First Harvest 1984-92 LP [5kr/€1/$1]
Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin – Sisters Are Doin’ It… 7″ [5kr/€1/$1]
Kaoma – Lambada 7″ [5kr/€1/$1]
Los Lobos – Donna 7″ [5kr/€1/$1]
Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time 7″ [5kr/€1/$1]
Eddie Murphy – So Happy LP [5kr/€1/$1]
Shakespears Sister – Stay 7″ [5kr/€1/$1]

        • DVD

Audioslave – S/T DVD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Bastardized #2 DVD [40kr/€4,5/$6]
Last Hope – Bulgar Display of Power DVD [50kr/€6/$8]
Various Artists – Pretty Shitty Kjell 2011 DVD [50kr/€6/$8]
Various Artists – Deconstruction Tour ’03 DVD [20kr/€3/$3]
Vem Mördade Kurt Cobain? DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]

Hajen 2 DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Hajen 3 DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Hajen 4 DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Last Shark / Cruel Jaws DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Megalodon DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Mixed Nuts DVD [Free if you buy something else]
Night of the Sharks DVD [5kr/€1/$1]
Open Water DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Raging Sharks DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Red Water DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Spring Break Shark Attack DVD [Free if you buy something else]
Shark Boy DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Shark Hunter DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Shark Swarm DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]
Venom DVD [10kr/€1,5/$2]