The autumn blues

TORTYR004 is taking a little longer than expected but things are still moving along in the right direction, so hopefully it’ll be released soon enough. TORTYR005, TORTYR006 and TORTYR007 are also in the works and will probably be out around the same time, so we have quite alot to look forward to. There are some amazing tunes coming your way soon. That’s a promise.

The distro is also growing with every single day, and yesterday I ordered a bunch of cool records from a large American distro and they’ll hopefully be up in the shop in a couple of weeks. There are not that many copies of any of those releases, so if you see anything you want I’d suggest you don’t hesitate and just grab it.

In the future I’ll try to balance it all between releasing stuff and building up the distro, because it’s pretty damn expensive doing both. I’ll figure something cool out sooner or later though. Thanks for your time.


What’s up?

Seems that as soon as one thing is finnished I’m on to the next one, and that’s just fine with me. The Gab De La Vega LP is finally out and we sold quite alot of the copies we have in stock already, which is awesome since it’s a great album.

I’m already working on the next two releases that are hopefully going to be out by the end of August or early next month. Also, I’ve started to plan the 6th release which I think is going to be a tape with a band that shouldn’t be radical but still is concidered as just that. Hopefully we’ll make this happen.

Until then, pick up some of our “old” releases before it’s too late. I’ve added some new distro items too, so feel free to check those out too. Just go straight to the shop by clicking here.

Motala HC Fest 2013

Judas Cradle Recordings will be attending the upcoming Motala Hardcore Fest this Saturday, and of course you’ll be able to pick up our releases there. Will probably also bring some of the punk/hardcore records from the second hand section which people will be able to pick up for cheap $$$ if they feel like it. The best thing is that I’m getting the fresh Gab De La Vega LP on Friday, so I’ll be bringing copies of that too. Get stoked!