The Rations pre-orders are live

Right now I’ve opened the doors for you all to pre-order the new Rations EP Martyrs and Prisoners. We started with 32 copies, and as I’m writing this there are only 21 copies left. If you want a copy before they are all sold out just go here and grab one!

Rations - Martyrs and Prisoners


Promotion, promotion, promotion!

We’re almost there! Where you ask? Well, the 2nd of July of course, which is the date when we’ll unleash the new Rations EP Martyrs and Prisoners upon your eyes, ears and greedy record players. And let me tell you, it’s all been worth the wait. I’ve put together a little promo video where you can hear the third track My magnificent sea while watching some crazy clips from one of my favourite movies. Can you guess which one?


DIY Workshop

Yesterday all the Rations vinyls arrived at the Judas Cradle HQ, and I was pretty stoked to say the least. Today the badges arrived, and tomorrow I’ll be making the stickers that will go on the Swedish version of this EP letting you know which of the 32 copies you have. Today I’ve also been sorting out the badges and cutting the patches so they fit just perfect in the 7″ format, and it’s all just coming together really well. Too bad you all have to wait to lay your hands on these beautys until July 2nd, but on the other hand it will definitely be worth the wait.

DIY Workshop

Intercommunalism in full effect

One of the main ideas behind Judas Cradle Recordings is to release great music through a collective effort in the DIY community. To work together with people who share a common ground and want to pave the way and show others that it truly can be done on a grass root level without the involvement of the greedy hands that is big business. This is for us. This is for all.

Therefor it’s really nice to see that the first release is the fruit of such an effort, where no less than 30 record labels in 11 different countries have worked together towards one simple but common goal which we now have reached and are really proud of.

Check out the map below to see the spread of this collaborative effort all over the world, because it’s actually pretty cool.

Label Collaboration Is Awesome

The Rations 7″ is on the way

The first Judas Cradle Recordings release is on the way here, but since we want to make it available from all the labels at the same time we will not release it until July 2nd. It will be limited to 1000 handnumbered copies worldwide where 32 of those will be a special Swedish version also handnumbered and including a badge. There will be a stream of the whole EP available from June 24th, so you all can have a taste before you decide to pick it up or not. Below you can check out some awesome photos of how the release looks.

Thank you to Rations and all the involved labels for making this possible.

Sex Positive Hardcore

The cat is finally out of the bag! The next Judas Cradle Recordings release will be the debut EP from Malmös own IRON. You’ve all heard the songs digitally, but now it’s time for the needle of your record player to dig itself into the sweet piece of vinyl that this is going to be. And maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a new song on the EP too.

We’re aiming for a release in July, so keep those fingers as crossed for that. The EP will be titled Sex Positive Hardcore and is co-release with the awesome labels Assault Records, Dempe Records and Instigate Records.