Listen to TORTYR007 and smile

TORTYR007 is on its way to Sweden but since it’s actually taking the long way home from Canada it’s pretty hard to say exactly when it will land on my doorstep. Anyway, I really think that Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic and Greg Rekus do such a great job on this EP so there’s no reason not to spill the beans and let you all listen to the tunes. So, without further ado, here’s the new Judas Cradle Recordings release. Enjoy!

Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic


Stream new shit from Gamla Pengar and HKVVD!?

As you all know by now we’re releasing the split that people never even dared to dream about. I mean who would’ve thought that two local bands that sound as if they come from different planets would ever share a piece of vinyl? No one of course. We’ve set the release date to the 29th of November, but since we know the wait is long we thought we’d give you all a treat and stream one song from each band below. En-fukkin-joy!

Gamla Pengar / Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!?

Armageddon is finally here

Fuck! That was literally my reaction when I first heard the Undergång album The Mother of Armageddon. Fuck!!!!! I knew it was going to be a good album, but it was beyond that. It was a musical destruction of everything. With this in mind it was pretty much a no brainer when I was asked to join forces and release a second press of this since long sold out piece of hardcore history. Said and done, and if you want a copy you can grab it right here.


TORTYR004 testpress approved

Last Thursday we approved the testpress for the upcoming split between Gamla Pengar and Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!? which means it’s being pressed as we speak. We will have a release party for it on Novemeber 29, and we will also have a great surprise band that will headline the shit out of the show. More info about that will be up in a week or so.

Gamla Pengar / Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!?