And TORTYR003 is…

It’s been a long time coming… well, not really, but the third release from Judas Cradle Recordings is going to be the debut full lenght from Gab De La Vega. For those of you who don’t know Gab, he is the guy behind the label Epidemic Records and he also plays in the band Smashrooms, which means he is a pretty frequent character in the DIY punk community. This album, which goes by the name Songs of Existence, is not punk in the way where you hear it musically but more in a contextually sort of way instead. And definitely in the way it is being put out by the cooperating five labels Vegan Records, Goodwill Records, Black Rose Records, Blindman Melodies and of course yours truly: Judas Cradle Recordings.

In other words I am really glad to be working with Gab and these labels to show that punk is not about fast drums and distorted guitars, because it’s about so much more and it has room for so much more expressions within the scene. Even if the album isn’t out yet, we are offering you all a stream of the entire thing below, so make sure to check it out and to spread the word. Thanks for reading.

Gab De La Vega


The IRON is coming

The IRON vinyls have landed in Sweden and after some DIY workshopping with the 500 inlays they will be ready to hit the different labels webshops, so keep those eyelids peeled for that. While you wait you can enjoy the Little promo video I put together below.


Free download of the new Rations EP

Are we punk enough for you? I mean, profits? Bah! Trust in our community? Hells yeah! The new Rations EP is now up for both streaming and free download. Of course we’d be super stoked if you like what you hear and decide to pick a physical copy up, but if you just take the time to listen and dig the digital stuff that’s just fine too.

If streaming is your drug of choice, just go here. And if downloading without pissing Lars Ulrich off is more of your thing then just go here. If you are like me and can’t wait to touch, smell, look at and then finally play a decent piece of punk vinyl then you can pick up a copy right here. Enjoy, and remember that whatever you do, thanks for at least taking the time to do it.