IRON – Desperate Fight 12″

Are you ready for new music from IRON? Well, you better be! We’ve joined forces  with a bunch of awesome labels to make sure to have their new album, Desperate Fight, ready for release no later than May 24th! Check out the sweet promo video below, and help us spread the word. Thanks!



Gamla Pengar and HKVVD!? are just around the corner

Damn, November is looking pretty sweet release wise, and since all we can do is wait I thought I’d put together two promo videos for two of my favourite tracks from the next release. Check it out below, and rock your socks of to some new sweet Gamla Pengar and Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!? jams.


The unveiling of TORTYR007

There’s so much going on right now that I really don’t know where to begin. Oh well, did you know that Before this Little blog entry is over you’ll actually know what one of the upcoming Judas Cradle Recordings releases will be? TORTYR007 to be exact. Pretty awesome, right?

TORTYR007 is a split 7″ between the two Canadian acts Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic and Greg Rukus. We’re talking acoustic folk punk taking it back to the roots with all dirt and melodies intacts. No more details so far, but you can check out a small promo video for the whole thing below.

Promotion, promotion, promotion!

We’re almost there! Where you ask? Well, the 2nd of July of course, which is the date when we’ll unleash the new Rations EP Martyrs and Prisoners upon your eyes, ears and greedy record players. And let me tell you, it’s all been worth the wait. I’ve put together a little promo video where you can hear the third track My magnificent sea while watching some crazy clips from one of my favourite movies. Can you guess which one?