What lies ahead

So, there’s been alot happening since I started this journey called Judas Cradle Recordings. The first release came out in July and I’m releasing my 8th release in the beginning of December, so I guess you could say I’ve been sort of busy.

Tomorrow I’m throwing a relase party for the Gamla Pengar / Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!? – Split 12″ here in Gothenburg, and you can check out all the event info about that right here. The Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic / Greg Rekus – Split 7″ is also being released tomorrow, and you can check out the promo video for that below, and then pick up the actual record here.

The Christer Pettersson 7″ has sold really good, and I only have 13 copies left even though it just came out. Pretty cool that people seem to appreciate that ape shit crazy music. Still waiting for the Undergång vinyls, that should’ve been here by now but have been delayed. I’ll start shipping those records as soon as they arrive. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

The Judas Cradle Store


Gamla Pengar and HKVVD!? are just around the corner

Damn, November is looking pretty sweet release wise, and since all we can do is wait I thought I’d put together two promo videos for two of my favourite tracks from the next release. Check it out below, and rock your socks of to some new sweet Gamla Pengar and Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!? jams.


Stream new shit from Gamla Pengar and HKVVD!?

As you all know by now we’re releasing the split that people never even dared to dream about. I mean who would’ve thought that two local bands that sound as if they come from different planets would ever share a piece of vinyl? No one of course. We’ve set the release date to the 29th of November, but since we know the wait is long we thought we’d give you all a treat and stream one song from each band below. En-fukkin-joy!

Gamla Pengar / Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!?

TORTYR004 testpress approved

Last Thursday we approved the testpress for the upcoming split between Gamla Pengar and Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!? which means it’s being pressed as we speak. We will have a release party for it on Novemeber 29, and we will also have a great surprise band that will headline the shit out of the show. More info about that will be up in a week or so.

Gamla Pengar / Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!?