The fourth release is now confirmed

Well, it’s already Friday and I’ve been spending the day in class and in the park because it’s a hell of a sunny day here in Gothenburg today.

As I’ve told you before I was sure about the upcoming three JCR releases, but as of Monday I can now report that there are now four releases confirmed. In other words keep an eye on this page because there will soon be some updates on what bands or/and artists that are gonna be a part of the ever growing JCR family.

I gotten a few e-mails about releasing peoples stuff and I’m always open for almost anything when it comes to lending a helping hand, but won’t be entering in any new things until at least three of these four releases are actually out. After that we can start talking again. Also, what I can tell you right now is that there won’t be any CD releases through JCR, since I want to support my favourite format, the almighty vinyl. Maybe there’ll be some cassette releases down the road too, just for the analog hell of it.

Until next time, stay in touch and remember to support the DIY movement before the $$$ one.


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